Proyectos MDL en consideración previa

Total de proyectos: 40 | País Anfitrión: República Dominicana

Project title Entity name Date received
Pasteurizadora Rica, S.A. Fossil Fuels Switch to Sustainable Biomass Project Pasteurizadora Rica, S.A. 15 Jan 2013
Montecristi Solar FV 2 San Cristobal Solar FV, SAS 14 Nov 2012
Montecristi Solar FV 1 Montecristi Solar FV, SAS 14 Nov 2012
15 MW Montecristi – Biomass to Electricity CDM Project Montecristi Biomass Energy S.R.L. 31 May 2012
Matas de Palma 50 MW Solar Farm in the Dominican Republic WCG Energy Ltd 22 May 2012
Upgrade of DPP’s Los Mina power plant from open cycle to combined cycle power generation Domincan Power Partners Ltd 17 Apr 2012
Large Scale PV Project in Domincan Republic CDC Climate Asset Management 13 Apr 2012
Los Cocos II Wind Farm Project Empresa Generadora de Electricidad HAINA S.A. 26 Mar 2012
Hidropower “Paso Bajito” EVYP SRL; EVYP Caribe SRL 25 Jan 2012
El Guanillo wind farm phase II GAMESA ENERGÍA 30 Nov 2011
Los Cuatro Vientos – 50 MW Wind Farm Los Cuatro Vientos S.A. 23 Nov 2011
District Energy Cogeneration Project Consorcio Energético Punta Cana-Macao, S.A (CEPM) 10 Oct 2011
Puerto Plata Electricidad Fuel Switch Project Biogas Fuel Cell S.A 02 Sep 2011
CND fuel Switch Cervecería Nacional Dominicana 02 Aug 2011
San Pedro BioEnergy Project San Pedro BioEnergy S.A. 28 Jun 2011
Natural Gas based Combined Cooling Heat & Power Project Varallo Comercial 25 Jun 2011
Biopar – AWMS Methane Recovery and Power Generation ecosur Afrique 20 Jun 2011
30MW Solar PV – Monte Plata Electronic J.R.C., S.R.L. 14 Jun 2011
Marsol Los Optimos MSW Waste to Energy Plant Marsol Canada Investment Ltd. 16 May 2011
Power Plant generation from PV Instituto Tecnologico de Santo
Domingo (INTEC)
13 May 2011
Bunker boiler conversion to Liquid Natural Gas Gildan Active wear 04 Feb 2011
15 MW Montecristi – Biomass Sorghum to Electricity CDM Project ecosur afrique 30 Dec 2010
La Isabela – Heat and electrcity generation from biomass residues and biogas ecosur afrique 30 Dec 2010
INDUSPALMA – Biogas Recovery from Palm Oil Effluent (POME) ponds, INDUSPALMA Palm Oil Mill, Dominican Republic INDUSPALMA DOMINICANA S.A. 27 Dec 2010
Aguacate Hydropower Plant EGEHID, Empresa de Generacion Hidroelectrica Dominicana 24 Nov 2010
Furnace Fuel Oil to Natural Gas Conversion INCA 18 Oct 2010
Quilvio Cabrera Wind Farm Project Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao 08 Sep 2010
Seaboard/TCC Natural Gas Power Plant
Seaboard Dominicana 01 Sep 2010
GSXI-FGE DR BioEnergy LLC GSX International Group, Inc. 16 Aug 2010
“Las Cocos” Wind Farm Project Empresa Generadora de Electricidad HAINA S.A. (EGE HAINA) 24 May 2010
Bioenergias [ Biogas ] Dajabón RENTEC Renewable Energy
Technologies Inc.
09 Apr 2010
CESPM Gas Conversion Compania de Electricidad San Pedro de Macoris (CESPM) 12 Mar 2010
RJS Group – Grid Connected Electricity
generation from biomass residues
ecosur 17 Nov 2009
Programmatic Project of electricity generation from renewable synthsis gas by KOAR Energy Dominicana KOAR Energy Dominicana, Dominican Comapny fully owned by KOAR Energy Resources USA 05 Aug 2009
Granadillos Wind Farm Grupo Eolico Dominicano CXA 31 Jul 2009
Matafongo Wind Farm Grupo Eolico Dominicano CXA 31 Jul 2009
Steam Generation Using Biomass Gildan 29 Jul 2010
Steam Generation Using Biomass Gildan 24 Jul 2009
Landfill gas (LFG) collection and flaring system on La Duquesa landfill in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (geographic coordinates 18°33N 69°57 W) Bionersis S.A. 08 Aug 2008